Update 11/3/18: Model feT V3!

Hey folks, trying to do these updates a bit more frequently - and for good reason, since we’ve had a busy fall! Here is the first production build of Model fet V3.

2018-11-03 09.40.12.jpg

Aside from some purely functional updates (SMD parts, relay bypass) changing this design did not come lightly - but since I was laying out a new board from scratch I seized the opportunity. The Model feT design has remained unchanged for a few years now—from V1 to V2 all we did was shrink the enclosure and leave the internal “Presence” trimpot at a fixed value, because 1) it barely did anything of use and 2) folks couldn’t find it and were adjusting the bias controls instead.

This past summer, before diving in to the new layout, I revisited my original simulations of the Model T and my corresponding transistor emulation. I’ve learned a great deal since those original simulations, and spent time matching up all of the frequency responses to a greater deal of accuracy than I could previously. The end result has more low end, clearer breakup, and a much more natural sound when stacking pedals in front - all good things for a preamp pedal that can work with both guitar and bass!

Release info and some demos will be coming soon, via social media and our email list as usual. Thanks everyone.