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Technical Manual (Download)


Coming June 2018. 

Sending is an analog delay with tap tempo and a unique, all-discrete preamplifier circuit. This deceptively complex pedal is our most ambitious work to date. Starting with a pair of MN3005 reissue Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs), we upended nearly every design element of classic pedal and rackmount analog delays to create something familiar yet entirely new. The gain of the preamplifier can range from transparent to a unique console-style grind that enriches your delayed tone as well as providing a significant boost to whatever amp or pedal is downstream. A powerful companding system and digitally controlled clock enhance the fidelity of the pedal beyond what was previously thought possible, while still preserving the fundamental character of an analog delay. A simple tap tempo function guarantees modern standards of control without an excess of functionality. While sophisticated under the hood, Sending has one goal: to be the most tonally rich analog delay ever created. 


  • Pre - input gain, from clean to saturated
  • Post - global master volume
  • Time - delay time, from near unison to 1000ms
  • Mix - relative levels of the original and delayed signals, from fully dry to fully wet
  • Feedback - amount of repeats, from a single echo to self-oscillation
  • Tap Tempo - press twice to set a tempo, can go far beyond the range of the Time knob

Sending also includes an FX loop which patches in after the delay line, where a TRS insert cable may be used to add additional effects to the delayed signal. 

Special thanks to Bad Ponies Illustration for her gorgeous artwork!

Product photos by A Bunch of Pedals

Sending features true bypass switching, a standard power supply (9VDC 2.1mm center negative), and top-mounted jacks. This pedal comes in a powder-coated 1590XX-sized enclosure (dimensions of 4.7" by 5.7"). All Sendings come with an unlimited warranty for materials and workmanship tied to the original owner.