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Technical Manual (Download)

Dude Incredible

Temporarily on hiatus, but the IVP side will be spun off into its own pedal soon (hopefully)

The Dude Incredible is designed to approximate the iconic guitar tone of Steve Albini, notable recording engineer and guitarist of Shellac, Big Black, and more. This is two pedals in one.

One side is a stripped-down Intersound Instrument Voice Preamp (IVP), which features an active, pre-distortion two band EQ and a unique "Tube Voice" distortion circuit. The IVP is an excellent distortion circuit, but with the treble cranked and a single coil guitar (bonus points for aluminum!) it gets distinctively clangy.

The other side is a modified Harmonic Percolator circuit, a fuzz circuit known for its rich tone and unusual clarity. It is best used for blasts of fuzz when stacked with the IVP, but is also an excellent sound in its own right.

Both channels are independently switchable, with the Percolator stacked into the IVP when both are on. 


  • Harmonics - Percolator gain
  • Balance - Percolator volume
  • Level - IVP volume
  • Gain - IVP gain
  • Bass - active pre-distortion low shelf
  • Treble - active pre-distortion high shelf

We offer multiple transistor options for the harmonic percolator side:
NOS "Black Can" Germanium these are from an American OEM and labeled SRC49 or D3 (some w/ General Electric branding). These devices are high gain with a dark and smooth tone. 
- NOS 2n404A is alleged to be the in the original unit, and is also selected for low leakage. These have a bright and buzzy tone. 
- NOS GT308b these are Soviet era devices, with uncommonly high gain and low leakage. They share many of the sonic qualities of the 2N404 but with less harshness.

This pedal comes in a powder-coated 1590BB sized enclosure.  

Additional features include true bypass switching, a standard center-negative power supply (accepts 9V DC), and top-mounted jacks. 

All Dude Incredible pedals carry a lifetime warranty tied to the original owner.