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Technical Manual (PDF)



This is the slow-moving sound of massive, mangled spaces. The Beholder is a fuzzed-out, droning reverb pedal inspired by experiments with modifying other reverb pedals and running signal chains in the "wrong" order. Conventional pedalboard wisdom mandates that reverb be placed after distortion/fuzz/overdrive, but the Beholder does exactly the opposite. Instead, a mostly wet reverb circuit goes into a dark, high-gain fuzz circuit. The combination is greater than the sum of its parts: the sustain and harmonics become an instrument of their own. 


  • Level - master volume of the pedal

  • Fuzz - sets the gain of the fuzz circuit

  • Filter - morph from dark low pass to bright high pass

  • Dwell - drives the input of the reverb circuit

  • Feedback - routes the reverb back into itself to increase sustain or achieve self-oscillation

  • Drone Footswitch - increases the feedback loop gain for greater sustain or chaotic noise, ramp adjustable via internal trimpot

  • Dry Mix (trimpot) - blends in some dry input signal "around" the reverberation circuit, to preserve pick attack going into the fuzz

This pedal comes in a powder-coated 1590BB sized enclosure.  

Additional features include true bypass switching, a standard center-negative power supply (accepts 9V DC), and top-mounted jacks. 

All Beholders come with the standard limited warranty.